Things I'd Like to DI(M)Y


Any respectable Scrabble themed wedding needs Scrabble tile cufflinks.  Thanks to Knottie CaseyandLizzie, planning bio for providing the instructions which are originally from

If my DIY attempt doesn't turn out well, Etsy seller crimsonking sells custom scrabble cufflinks for $9. Or you can buy your own to wear to the festivities!

Pocket Squares / Handkerchiefs

the Groom is against boutonneires for himself and the other wedding party gentlemen, so I'll be stopping by the craft store to pick out some satiny fabric to make hankies with.  They'll be orange and maybe even be personalized with the recipients initials.  Guess we'll find out.

Cake Topper

Great idea for a cake topper- our engagement photos with the munchkin and the doggie made into one of those 3D acrylic photosculpture picture things.  from  

We'll see what the groom says - it is his responsibility to make the final cake topping decisions


I've picked out the table runners and the centerpiece 3" square vases.  I'd like some to have floating candles (in orange or ivory) and some to have floating daisy heads, or four tulips.  These will look great scattered down the length of our tables

Ring Bearer Pillow

Wooden memory box purchased from Joann's with a satin pillow-top stenciled "P3" in fabric paint.  Stencil made by my very own husband-to-be


My first attempt did not turn out so well.  I'll be redoing it very soon.

Guest Board

Thank you Hasbro for letting me purchase a spare Scrabble board! I've received it in the mail and we'll be adding our names to it soon for our guests to sign.