Centerpieces: Picture coming soon!

<<< My inspiration centerpiece.  I'll update the photo with the trial run soon.
We are having long tables for our guests instead of the standard rounds.  We'd like guests to be able to talk to each other across the table so we though low centerpieces would be best.  The floating candles will set the tone for an intimate dinner as well as provide some light to play with the scrabble tiles we'll scatter.

Supplies: table runners purchased from CV linens, 3" square vases from DollarTree, and floating candles from Ikea


These were pretty easy to make - including the time it took me to order the supplies on, I would say this was about an hour worth of work.  I ordered cufflink backs and jewelry glue from Etsy Seller JoiWind.  A drop of the jewelry glue on the scrabble tiles I had already received direct from Hasbro and Tom and his entourage were set.  No picture yet... but there will be soon.

Pocket Squares

Since I am a detail oriented kind of gal - the pocket squares for the men of the wedding party all needed to match each other and the other elements of the wedding.  The groom is against boutonnières so these pocket squares are important for that otherwise naked lapel area.  I'm still deciding on which fold to use, but am currently leaning toward the two point fold or the three stairs fold found here


It only took three tries but I finally finished my garter.  The first one was too boring and not bunched up enough.  After a trip to the craft store for two different types of lace ribbon and a lot of ironing and stringing elastic - I finished two great garters.  Now, to decide between them.